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Things to not say to a pregnant woman...

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The thing about pregnancy is, you can never really know what it's like unless you're pregnant. Read this folks and think twice. 


“Were you trying to get pregnant/Did you plan for this?”
Do you mean, "Do I have unprotected sex with my partner?". Why is it okay to ask that? Would you have asked me a month ago before you knew? 
"I Feel Pregnant, Too!"

Unless you are actually carrying a child in your uterus as well, then no, you don't feel pregnant. Shut Up.

"You're Huge."

Now you might get a punch for this one. Maybe I am looking large, maybe I have a lot of water, MAYBE my baby is due in a week. If you think a pregnant woman doesn't already feel massive and hideous, you're wrong. Give the poor woman a break and tell her she looks great, even if it's a lie. 


“Are you sure there’s just one baby in there?”

Positive, ass wipe.


"You Really Shouldn't . . . "

Exercise. Pick up that box. Stand up. Eat that. Pregnant women are not ill, they are merely with child, and making them feel like they have a serious condition only alienates them. 


“Wow! You still have a way to go!”

You want to tell that to the foot jammed in my ribcage, and my inability to sit/stand/lay down comfortably? Or the fact I have been dealing with this for 33 weeks? I mean, thanks for not blurting out that I’m as big as the broad side of a barn, but I really don’t need to be reminded that I’m not at the finish line quite yet. I’m very much aware of just how many days I have until my due date. Thanks.


"Enjoy Your Last Few Months of Freedom."

Having a baby is exciting, and the last thing any expectant mum wants to hear is that she has just issued her personal life a death sentence. Negative comments about child rearing shouldn't be spoken of. 


"Your Baby Is Going to Be Huge/Tiny."

What's on the mind of nearly every pregnant woman? How baby is getting out. Telling her it will 'slip out' is offensive. Reminding her about potentially what might happen to her lady area.... not cool. 


"You Look Tired."

Carrying a baby for nine months is hard work. Chances are if she looks tired, she is. However, the last thing she needs is anyone reminding her how exhausted she feels or looks. Nothing short of, "You look fantastic," should be said to a pregnant woman about her appearance at any time. Write that one down. 

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