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Introducing...Cheryl Rawlings

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What's not to love about our most recent addition to the West Stanton family? Cheryl Rawling is an insanely talented mum-of-two based in sunny Suffolk in the far East of England. 
Cheryl first caught our attention on Instagram, where she boasts an impressive following of over 11,000 fans who flock to her page to 'like' her most recent images. Clean, monochromatic designs and strong graphical shapes and romantic lettering sum up Cheryl's doodling style and it's just our cup of tea.
We caught up with her for a super quick Q&A so you can all learn a little more about her... 
- How did you get into illustrations and art?
I have always loved art from a young age and have fond memories of using my fashion wheel to create lots of different designs!  I then went on to study Fashion Design at university and always loved the design aspect and illustrating the ideas.  It wasn’t until I was pregnant with my first son (Ethan nearly 7yrs old) that I picked up the pens again and started to write sayings and draw doodles.
- What's been a career highlight for you?
There have been so many, I have been very fortunate to work with some amazing clients and see my illustrations used on such a variety of product.  I have worked with some very exciting children’s wear brands from across the globe which has been lovely.  I also have been featured in some great publications like Flow magazine and Country Homes and Interiors.  At the moment I am working on a couple of secret projects which I’m looking forward to unveiling.  I feel very privileged that people are interested in my work and take time to purchase products too, I am a lucky girl. 

- What inspired the creation of baby milestone cards?
My beautiful boy Jude!  Whilst I was pregnant I had seen the milestone idea around and thought how lovely it was to document their stages.  I started to do cards for a personal record and then had so many people wanting the same ones that I decided to produce them as a set.  I am amazed at how many lovely pictures I get tagged in of all these beautiful babies with my cards.

- How do you spend your spare time?
My spare time seems very limited at the moment with two very active boys!!  I have Jude at home with me so I tend to do most of my work in the evenings.  We try to make Sundays our family day and we tend to have a nice lunch out, maybe catch an exhibition and there will inevitably be a game of football or two in the garden…. I guess something for everyone!

- What's one piece of advice you would pass to a new mother?
Gosh thats a hard one!! Second time round for me was so much easier in some ways but I did feel a little pressure to be back on my feet doing it all quicker. I guess my advice would be to take your time, do things when they feel right for you. It’s such a short period in your life and it's ok to have days when you just want to snuggle and let the other parts of life wait.  We are constantly in a mess here and I do keep threatening to post an instagram picture of my office which looks nothing like a minimal, tidy space…there are heaps of sketchbooks, postage materials everywhere!!
To learn more about Cheryl click here, or to pick up your own set of baby milestone cards go here!

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