Introducing... Cam Cam Copenhagen

May saw the launch of Danish brand CAM CAM Copenhagen at West Stanton Store! A Brand known for it's luxurious quilts and blankets, whimsical mobiles and garlands.

Like many great labels I was introduced to Cam Cam Copenhagen through an Instagram friend's photos. This often happens with children's decor - I fall head over heels when I discover a new brands especially if they are not massively available in the UK.

CAM CAM Copenhagen creates products that provide a calm and harmonious atmosphere in your modern nursery, muted pastels and beautiful, contemporary prints. The brand was founded in 2012 by architect Sara Giese Camre. She was on maternity leave and couldn’t find anything for her daughter’s room which harmonised with her desire to create a soothing atmosphere, so she started to make products herself. 

It's such a honour to have launched West Stanton with such a well known scandi brand on board - we hope you love CAM CAM as much as we do!

Shop the range here.