An interview with Katie - The Sewcial Circle

 If you like to make cool, crafty stuff there is only one gang you should want to be in and it's The Sewcial Circle - run by my small biz pal Katie.

I grabbed her for a quick fire round of questioning - have yourself a cuppa and take a read.


1) When/why did you start Sewcial Circle?
I started The Sewcial Circle 8 years ago, on a mission to teach the next generation of makers how to sew and craft with workshops, sewing parties around London and now we have our own range of craft kits and online kids sewing courses.
2) How do you juggle parenting and growing your business?
I have put in a lot of early mornings to pack orders. This year I made the decision to get some help with childcare, for my sanity and for my family; it’s been a lifesaver having a few days a week to really concentrate on growing my business and then when I’m home, I’m actually home and not trying (as much) to squeeze in another email or another grid post.
3) Biggest pinch me moment
I was recently featured on the tele and someone spotted me a few days later asking, “Weren’t you on the tele this week?”.
4) Favourite product/kit
I’m really loving the new Classic Friendship Bracelet Kit, it’s bringing me back to my childhood in the 90’s making bracelets all summer long. I’m totally obsessed all over again!
5) Top 3 bits of advice for anyone starting out
Know your numbers. Don’t underprice your knowledge and expertise. Never stop learning, things are always changing so be ready to adapt.
To learn more about Katie, The Sewcial Circle, or to be honest if you want to learn or perfect some crafting you can follow her on instagram here, or shop with her here.