Au Revoir Sophie the Giraffe

As far as I can tell, guilt and parenting seem to go together hand in hand. 

Whether it’s your toddler falling over, or not spending enough time with them because you’re stuck at the office, there’s always something to feel bad about.

But the good news is, you can save yourself a guilt trip if you never bought your child the super popular Sophie the Giraffe toy. Why? Because Sophie the Giraffe is a very cute, but potentially unsanitary, breeding ground for mould.

Just like when we discovered the mouldy Tommee Tippee cups, parents have been extremely worried and have been sharing pictures of their snipped open Sophies, to shed light on just how much black mould can grow inside the toy that your child loves wrapping its gums around.


So what’s wrong with Sophie?

Basically, either a drooly baby is getting spit inside Sophie, or diligent parents who are washing the toy are leaving her insides wet. Either way, the nice warm damp space becomes the perfect environment for mould to flourish.

Sophie’s amazon reviews reveal that this isn’t an uncommon occurrence.


We never used a Sophie with our son, purely because we gave it to our puppy when she was teething... so she didn't really like the idea of her new baby brother having a toy she recognises as her own. Rubber/Silicone teething toys certainly have their place in the market as we all know babies need to chew - a lot. Not only is it great gum relief and jaw development, but also for sensory exploration. 
Instead of Sophie, we stock the wonderful Nature Bubz Swiss Cross Teething Toys. Made from soft touch food grade silicone; these teethers are durable, non-toxic, flexible, chewable and resistant to the growth of mould and bacteria. Unlike dear Sophie, our teethers are not squeaky so they don't have that nasty little hole for the water to get into.  
TOP TIP: pop your Swiss Cross teether in the freezer for 30 minutes to give baby some extra relief on those sore gums!