Baby Number Two

The best kept accidental secret - we are expecting baby number two this coming Spring. Just like the royals (Harry & Meghan) we are expecting our baby in April time and couldn't be more excited. Chances of them arriving at the same time? We shall see. 

We didn't actually get around to telling all our friends for such a long time, it became more and more obvious when I would arrive to the pub looking like I was carrying more than a big lunch. So, just before Christmas, I went with the big ol' social media announcement days before hitting the third trimester. 

This pregnancy has been different to my first - a had a little bit of nausea at the beginning, then a healthy dose of shingles to finish it off. Yes. Shingles. Another blog on that another day. It will be a good one, with no pictures, that's for sure. 

I'm excited with our imminent arrival, although I feel like I've been pregnant for about 500 years.

Concern is the wrong word, but one of my biggest worries about our family growing is how it's going to effect Jasper. I think I would be totally lying to myself if I thought he would feel totally happy about a little new intruder who takes up all his mum's time. He understands where 'bubba' is, we talk about it quite openly with him and have lots of books that we read to him about the little baby, but I'm not sure how much he is taking in. 

I know there is going to be a settling in time, where his behaviour might change, or his clinginess might increase. But I know all we can do is love and support him and understand how different it all is for him. If anyone has any tips on how to manage all these changes, feel free to comment or talk to us online.