Getting School Ready

This month we speak to Christina Lydon of and ask her "how do we get our kids ready for starting school?"
Christina runs and offers Zoom workshops for parents, nurseries and schools to support the whole family with their transition to school or nursery. 

1. The start of term is almost upon us! The summer holidays can mean late
nights, lazy mornings, and different routines. Now the end of the holidays is in
sight it is the perfect time to start a slow but consistent return to routine. The
start of the first term is an exciting, but sometimes daunting, time, especially
for school starters.


2. Every child will be at a different stage when it comes to emerging skills around reading or writing when starting reception. Encouraging curiosity and interest around learning is much more important. See if you can spot the letter of your child's name out and about. Maybe you can have a go at writing the first letter of their name in the sand if you're at the beach or with a stick in some soil......have fun!

3. In these last few weeks before starting school, do work on your child's independence around using the toilet as well as practicing putting coats and shoes on. They may not be  able to do the zip of a coat yet but having a go and being able to ask an adult for a bit of help if they need it when they head out to play is a vital step!
4. Buy a couple of waterbottles as they will likely get left and misplaced in around the school...don't forget to label everything so *hopefully* they will make their way back to you in the end.....
5. Be consistent, supportive, calm and confident in those early weeks. You give the most important cues to your child, and being consistent, supportive, calm and confident (even if inside you're sobbing at that first school gate goodbye!) will make a massive difference to your child's transition to school. A smiling, positive goodbye and a big welcome back at pick up will make a huge difference!
Our 'Ask the Expert' expert this week is Christina Lydon who runs offering Zoom workshops for parents, nurseries and schools to support the whole family with their transition to school or nursery. She also had worked extensively in NHS and education settings for the past 20 years. Christina currently works in a Central London child development service as well as consulting to brands around their family as well as disability audiences. You'll find her @christinalydon on Instagram and School Readiness UK on Facebook.