Introducing Fact + Fiction Toys...

One of our newest stockists is the fabulous Fact + Fiction wooden toys and teethers. We jump at the chance to find new brands who create beautifully well made childrens pieces, especially when they are so timeless and fun as these! 

Fact + Fiction all started with a dream. The dream manifested with the desire to bring simple, clean lines to toys while making them safe for kids.  The dream turned into a reality in 2013 when Little Adventure was born and in 2016 Joni and the family began a new chapter as Fact+Fiction Toys.

Having two kids of her own, owner Joni Morgan desired to bring imagination and creativity to everyday lives. Making toys that encourage those things while acknowledging our planet and the need for safety are most important. Each toy is designed, created and packaged in her workshop in Indianapolis. 

We are thrilled to have them on board at West Stanton and our customers seem to be loving them already!