The Big Gift

Everyone wants to see the biggest smile on their little one’s faces at Christmas. Especially when they open that special gift. You know, the one they’ve been eyeing up since the moment they ran down the stairs in their Christmas pjs. Here we have some absolute joy bringers, big gift grins guaranteed. Banwood - First Go!


This bike goes beyond cool. It brings a certain vintage charm to your child’s first bike, keeping things classy but still lots of fun and very practical. This balance bike promotes mobility and an early love for cycling. As well as its super cute (detachable) wicker basket, it has adjustable handlebars so your child can grown with it. (Suggested age 2.5-5 years) We love the green, I just wish I was small enough to ride one myself!

 The Strolley


Who doesn’t love a word combo? Stroller + trolley = The Strolley. This beautiful, hand woven rattan pram is perfect for that special gift. We love it because it allows your little ones all sorts of imaginative play, from a day out shopping with their pals to taking dolly for a walk. What joyful double whammy this is!

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From Our Pals

We have some truly wonderful friends here at West Stanton who are creating some really cracking products. We’ve chosen some of our absolute faves, that we know you’ll love too.


 Family Rule - Rainbow Height Chart


 If you look behind the curtains at my Grandma’s house, there are a hundred or so scribbles of our varying heights throughout the years. It seems a shame to keep it covered up. Family Rule make the most amazing height chart. They come in a variety of designs, but in honour of the NHS we’ve chosen the rainbow one here. The ‘Family Rule’ can be proudly displayed anywhere in your home, letting you record just how tall your small ones are getting. (Can they just slow down, please?)



One of my previous blog post shows an article with the lovely Susie of Totter + Tumble. We really love Totter and Tumble playmats for many reasons; super stylish, strong (gorgeous squidgy memory foam to keep the tumbling safe) and best of all you can just wipe it down! These also come in a variety of designs but our fave is The Scout. It literally works anywhere and is the one I chose for the shop!

 Bundlebed - £220

Sleepovers may never be the same again. Neither will camping. Or travelling. Or anywhere that requires an emergency nap. Jasper is so into the idea of sleepovers/camping and these Bundle Beds will transform the experience of taking two small humans away from being totally stressful into something really, really enjoyable. Instead of the usual faff of duvet, pillow, sheet, airbed… this has it all one. They have a 5cm or 8cm mattress and 15tog duvet for total cosiness. We love the navy and sunshine yellow version of this bed. Simply unclip, unroll, unzip - boom! The Bundle Bed.

Speaking of navy and sunshine yellow, you could glamp with extra style and wear our Honey and Toast Etter Saddlebag for some serious coordination.


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