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Banwood is the go-to children's luxury bike brand, creating bikes that both children and adults will enjoy in the most beautiful and on trend colours.

Family-owned, Banwood's core values lie in safety, high quality and timeless design. From the beginning the co-founders have been motivated by the desire to get toddlers outside playing again, just as they did as kids and it's something that we are SO passionate about here at West Stanton.

One Bike, One Tree:

For every bike bought, a tree is planted. It is a simple way for you to be engaged in the international reforestation effort while you shop, representing the individual’s contribution to the planet. Banwood give a donation to the non-profit partner, OneTreePlanted, on your behalf. The organisation will then use their expertise to decide the best possible location for the tree you have just bought and make sure it grows.

Every single tree planted can make a difference by lowering the carbon dioxide levels from the planet’s atmosphere. This, in turn, slows the Greenhouse Effect and also provides us with enough fresh air to breathe.

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