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About us

West Stanton’s mission is to create a shopping destination for parents who love individual design, who are looking for something a bit different from what you can buy on the High Street or in more traditional online stores. We sell ‘small items’ that are big on style, whether that’s monochrome stimulating prints or minimalist styling; a beautifully designed wooden toy or printed blanket.

The focus of the business has turned to creating a childrenswear line that is practical, wearable and designed to be enjoyed. The collection is clean and unfussy with well-made pieces that will grow with children through their first few years.

There is a shift in childrenswear towards sustainability, as the fashion industry is the second most polluting in the world. Sustainability can take many forms but at West Stanton we consider it as reducing the environmental impact of the production process, cutting out harmful chemicals used to make clothes and ensuring ethical guidelines are in place when it comes to safe working practices in factories; a fair wage and so on. The production process is based in the EU, meaning there are working standards and wages to be adhered to, with all collection elements from fabric sourcing, labelling and embroidery work being within one country.

For parents, sustainability means quality too. It means buying long-lasting, robust clothes for kids, with the potential to be handed down to future siblings. With longevity in mind, West Stanton has incorporated features that allow garments to grow with the little ones with the likes of roll up hems and adjustable shoulder straps.

Top of the list of priorities has been the fabric used in the collection. The safest and softest materials possible to protect delicate infants skin. For this reason we have incorporated organic cotton into the collection and have wear tested samples across a number of children, including those with sensitive skin.

We hope you love what we are about and want to join us on this journey.